5 Things Never to Say on a First Date

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You’ve gotten through the first few moments, the drink orders, the self-conscious chit-chat about the weather. An awkward silence ensues. Whether you want to score a second date or can’t wait to beat a hasty exit, here are five things that you should avoid saying at all costs:

  1. Don’t worry, it’s not contagious.
  1. That’s my ex sitting over by the bar, but no worries he likes checking out all my dates.
  1. You remind me of my father/mother. (That first kiss? Forget about it.)
  1. My job sucks because there’s a guy in my department who is definitely out to get me. It started six months ago. Let me give you ALL the details. (Tip: No one wants to hear about the intricacies of your job issues, especially when they don’t know the players.)
  1. I love you. (Because A. You can’t love someone you just met. B. It will scare the bejeezus and of them.)

5 Signs You Need A Tinder Break

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Everyone says dating is numbers game, right? Meet enough people and you’re sure to find The One. But racking up numbers is a sure way to end up with Tinder Burn Out. Here’s how to know when to give it a rest:

  1. You can’t remember if someone looks familiar because their face keeps popping up in your feed or if you went on a date with them last year
  2.  You are considering a Tinder Date with someone who lives a continent away, because, well, the closer pool is kinda lame
  3. You check your phone when the cat wakes you up at 3 a.m. and briefly consider answering three randos
  4. You see your boss on Tinder. And you actually think about it.
  5. You go on four dates and really like them, but keep swiping anyway because your    Tinder-addicted friends have convinced you that courtship is dead. Step away from the phone. Because, seriously, isn’t the whole point to get off it to begin with?

Rescue Me

When I first started online dating, I had a deal with a friend. He would call me exactly 20 minutes into each date. If the date was going well, I would answer, “Can we talk later?” If the date was a dud (and trust me there, were plenty!), I would reply, “Her fever his HOW HIGH?” (I had a young child at home.) And then, I would politely – and quickly – race out the door.

My other escape hack: Meeting early evening for a drink and then saying if I was having a great time but had, unfortunately, made dinner plans. My theory: White lies are fine when it comes to dating. Better, after all, than blurting out that you can’t take one more minute of talking about his toy train collection.

So, we’d like to know – What’s your bad date escape plan?

How to Deal with Your Ex During the Holidays

You caught your partner texted with his ex. Should you be worried???

You can’t stop thinking about your ex. Should you give it one last shot?

The ex you thought was out of your life just reappeared. Do you answer?

“The holidays exaggerate whatever you’re feeling — loneliness, regret, desire, nostalgia. It’s almost impossible not to start thinking about an ex,” says Jyst co-founder Emily Listfield. JystBustle, and relationship expert Laurie Davis Edwards, founder of eFlirt and author of Love @ First Click, partnered to explore the drama with exes during the holidays.

Because ExMas can be year-round problem. Find what other woman and experts advise on Bustle and post your questions on Jyst for more.



Dating Coach Answers All!

At Jyst, we are all about women helping each out. But let’s admit it, sometimes there’s nothing like getting a guy’s POV. We asked celeb dating expert Evan Marc Katz to answer a few questions on Jyst. He’s a whizz at interpreting men and dating for us! Be sure to follow him for more great dating tips at @evanmarckatz.


I went on a 1st date & liked him but we have really big religious differences. Should I go out with him again or move on?

I’m a Jewish atheist. My wife is a Catholic who believes in God. Neither of us is “religious.” Our common religion is respect. The question is whether you can respect each other in spite of your different backgrounds.

 My boyfriend and I don’t fight that much but when we do he always get sick of talking about the issue before we really resolve anything or he wants me to bring it up another time. But when things are good, I don’t want to raise issues. What should I do?

It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it. Instead of having a “talk,” tell him something he’s doing inadvertently makes you feel bad. Then offer a solution he can buy into. A good boyfriend doesn’t want you to be sad.

My boyfriend is choosing between a job offer in my city and another country. We haven’t been together that long and I’m not sure we’d survive long distance. I feel like he’s choosing between being with me or not. Am I wrong?

You’re only wrong for taking this personally. If the roles were reversed, you’d want the freedom to do what was right for you, which may or may not be right for him. Back off and let him choose.

Guy I dated 5 years cheated on me and spent a year accusing me through his mom of harassing the new girl (it’s not true). They broke up and now strangely, I still care about him over a year later. Should I reach out to him?

No. (And if that answer wasn’t long enough: Noooooooooooooooooo!)

Started dating again (dated a few years back) and told him I wanted it to be exclusive before intimacy which he agreed to. But he has a hard time expressing his emotions/feelings from. I need communication and he has a huge wall. Do I stay or do I go?

It’s not your job to climb men’s walls. It’s your job to find a man with no walls, healthy communication, and makes you feel safe, heard and understood. If you don’t have that, it’s over.



The Truth About Bumble?

Can we talk honestly about Bumble?  We love it. It puts the power in women’s hands, it has a lot of great guys on it  and the 24-hour deadline means you’re not constantly waiting for someone who is never going to come through.


In Refinery29’s piece,  7 Insider Tips From a Dating-App Employee, Madeline Buxton  shares some great advice how to win at Bumble. She adds,  “The feedback that I’ve gotten from guys is that the best part of the app is that since the girl makes the first move, they don’t have to worry that she isn’t interested in them. They know she’s interested.”

But here’s the thing: That’s not what we’re picking up on the ground. A lot of women we hear from are ending up confused and disappointed.  “Guys just don’t write back the way they do on other dating apps,” one user told us.  Her suspicion: Guys like a chase and Bumble mitigates that. No, that’s not PC but we’re hearing it from a number of women. (The way we’d like it to be? Not so much. But happening? Yeah.)

Olympian Ryan Lochte is not a typical man (understatement of the year!) but here’s what he told Eonline, after admitting he uses Tinder. “Well, one, with Bumble the girl always has to make the first [move], and I don’t really like that. I don’t think that’s a woman job.”  Great swimmer, killer bod, bad attitude.  How retro can you go? But it’s out there

At Jyst, we’re all about sharing experiences openly and honestly, even when we they are not how we’d prefer them to be.

We’re curious. What are your experiences with Bumble?  Tell us Jyst.