Because looking for love is ageless, we talk some tips in our  recent piece on The Girlfriend:

Broadcast the News

Tell your friends, casual acquaintances and even people you chat with at social events that you are in the market. There’s nothing embarrassing about admitting you want to meet someone, though you might want to avoid words like ‘desperate’.  To optimize your odds online, join the big sites (Match and OKCupid have plenty of 40+ men) but then drill down and play to your passions. There are dating sites for everything from clown lovers (we’re not here to judge) to; and, proving there really is someone for everyone.

Form a Swipe Squad

After the initial thrill of having a smorgasbord of available men suddenly appear on your screen, online dating can become overwhelming, if not, let’s admit, downright depressing at times. Bad day at work? Fight with your ex? One too many cocktails? Step away from the screen. Either no one will look good to you or everyone will look good – each is equally dangerous. A better bet: Have a swipe party with your single girlfriends where you can vet, veto or give the thumbs up to each other’s matches. They might see potential you’ve overlooked, and it will definitely put the fun back in the fishing.

Enter the School Zone

Chances are good there are divorced dads at your kids’ school. A ripe opportunity? Yes. A potential mine field? Definitely. Don’t even think about dating another parent in your kid’s class. (If your singing embarrasses them, that would send them through the stratosphere.) School fairs, fundraisers and holiday events are fair game. Go with an open mind and leave the mom jeans at home.

Trade Your Spanx for Spandex

If you spend more than five minutes on a dating site you will notice an inordinate amount of men posing in bike gear (Note to guys: Spandex is not actually the best look for everyone). Bike clubs are having a moment, particularly with divorced men with weekend hours to fill. You don’t have to go all Tour de France, but find a local bike club and join a group outing. If nothing else, it will give you and excuse buy a cute new workout wear – and who knows where that might lead?

Reunited and It Feels So Good

High school and college reunions are all about showing off how fabulously your life (and recent crash diet) have turned out, right? After all, no one posts ‘Got divorced; Currently spending lonely nights with Chubby Hubby’ in their alumni updates. But trust us, you will not be the only person flying solo and that guy you couldn’t get up the nerve to talk to sophomore year may be suddenly single, too. The good news: You will have a lot of common ground, which is not a bad starting place for any relationship.  The not so good news: Any hopes of fudging your age pretty much gone.


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