We Like Never Liked It Anyway!

Who needs to hang on to baggage – real or psychic – after a break-up?!?! On Never Liked It Anyway, you can sell of the bad memories, get advice on how to move on, and find support. Our kinda community! Excited to, to have a change to speak with the brilliant founder, Bella Acton. Here’s part of the interview; find the rest here.

Emily is an all round star; she’s a prolific author, with 6 novels under her belt, and recently founded the app Jyst. An incredible platform that offers women dating advice, in real time, in ways that really support and help women. Emily is a founder with spark; she believes that when women help each other out, magic happens. Here’s what she has to say about all things love, breakups and dating.
What do you do and why do you do it?
I am the co-founder of Jyst  a crowd-sourced, anonymous dating advice app for women. I started it because I was dating again after a long time and was sending a million questions (and yes, men’s texts) to my friends – and co-founder! –  for opinions. Every woman we met was doing the same. But friends aren’t always available or objective. It seemed a natural to create a supportive, snark-free environment where women could help each other through the confusion of modern relationships.
What’s the best gift you ever got?
When my (then) husband and I were first dating, he made me a copper flower with one petal. (He was an abstract sculptor whose works were in major museums.) It hung on my wall for years before he mentioned that the petal was symbolic of  “She loves me, she loves me not.”  I never realized that – and he never realized I didn’t get the symbolism. Talk about subjective reality.

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