Ask the (Love) Expert

At Jyst we’re all about women helping each other out. After all, the best advice often comes from other women – we think of them as friendly strangers – who have been through similar situations and will tell you the truth. But we also know there are times when it pays to call in an expert. We asked celeb therapist Dr. Jane Greer to answer a couple of questions from Jysters. Be sure to follow her for more tips at @DrJaneGreer – and stay tuned for more surprise guest experts!


Q. My boyfriend broke up with me two weeks ago but he keeps texting me casual things almost every day. It’s making it hard to move on. What should I do?

Tell your ex that as much as you’d like to stay in touch, the constant contact is making it hard for you to let go. Ask him to stop texting you, and let him know if he continues, you won’t respond in order to be able to honor his decision to end the relationship.

Q. I’ve been ‘ghosted’ by a guy I went out with for four months and it’s making me insane. How do I get over it?

This is very difficult to cope with – the sudden disappearance without explanation is hard to process. Know that this guy is only able to do beginnings, but isn’t able to stay involved for the middle or future. It’s not about you; it’s a statement of his limitations. Don’t take it too personally, and move on by getting out of the house and filling your time with friends and new opportunities. Give yourself the chance to find someone who will stick around.

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