The Truth About Bumble?

Can we talk honestly about Bumble?  We love it. It puts the power in women’s hands, it has a lot of great guys on it  and the 24-hour deadline means you’re not constantly waiting for someone who is never going to come through.


In Refinery29’s piece,  7 Insider Tips From a Dating-App Employee, Madeline Buxton  shares some great advice how to win at Bumble. She adds,  “The feedback that I’ve gotten from guys is that the best part of the app is that since the girl makes the first move, they don’t have to worry that she isn’t interested in them. They know she’s interested.”

But here’s the thing: That’s not what we’re picking up on the ground. A lot of women we hear from are ending up confused and disappointed.  “Guys just don’t write back the way they do on other dating apps,” one user told us.  Her suspicion: Guys like a chase and Bumble mitigates that. No, that’s not PC but we’re hearing it from a number of women. (The way we’d like it to be? Not so much. But happening? Yeah.)

Olympian Ryan Lochte is not a typical man (understatement of the year!) but here’s what he told Eonline, after admitting he uses Tinder. “Well, one, with Bumble the girl always has to make the first [move], and I don’t really like that. I don’t think that’s a woman job.”  Great swimmer, killer bod, bad attitude.  How retro can you go? But it’s out there

At Jyst, we’re all about sharing experiences openly and honestly, even when we they are not how we’d prefer them to be.

We’re curious. What are your experiences with Bumble?  Tell us Jyst.



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