Have you seen a ghost???

Kimberly Seltzer,  America’s top dating makeover coach, is answering the first question posted on Jyst every morning this week. Here’s Tuesday’s Q&A about guys who do a fade out. (C’mon admit it, it happens!) Be sure to check out more of Kimberly’s dating wisdom in How to Create Attraction and ask her your toughest relationship questions on Jyst.

Q.  He was really into me for a couple of months, texting me during the day and making time to see each other on weekends.  Month 4, it has all slowed down. He responds to texts a day later and it’s hard to get dates in. Is he done?
A. Is he ghosting or slowly fading away?  Hard to tell but there are usually 3 reasons why men disappear or taper off. 1.  He’s just not into you 2. There is someone else 3.  He’s under stress.  Whatever the reason the answer is the same.  Don’t chase and let him come to you.  If he doesn’t come around he probably isn’t right for YOU.

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