Who should pay on the 1st date?

All this week, America’s top dating makeover coach, Kimberly Seltzer, is answering the first question posted every morning on Jyst. Here’s Monday’s Q&A about picking up the check (or not!) on a first date .  Agree? Disagree? Vote on Jyst and post your questions for Kimberly all week.  Be sure to check out more of Kimberly’s dating wisdom in How to Create Attraction.

Q: I always offer to split the check on the 1st date but don’t expect men to accept. After how many dates should I chip in? Am I being old-fashioned?

A. You are NOT being old fashioned.  If you don’t expect the man to pay, then don’t offer!  Men often tell me that it sends a message that you are not into them or that you are “friend zoning” them. If you like him and you see it going somewhere, it is nice to offer after you have been on a few dates.  There is no magic number on how many dates that is.  – Kimberly


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