Old Love, New Love, Cheating and Dating

image1-3What happens when you have two savvy writers answer women’s relationship questions on Jyst?

Jyst partnered with HarperCollins’ new book CRUSH: Writers Reflect on Love and the Lasting Power of Their First Celebrity Crush. Here’s the must-have advice from authors Cathy Alter and Dave Singleton:

My bf of 10 months just told me he wants to take a break. He said he doesn’t want to break up tho. What does this mean? Should I date other guys? I love him but so confused. 

– He wants an open door policy with option to walk out. If I were you, I wouldn’t just close the door. I would slam it on his toe.  Cathy

Is it possible to get back with an ex boyfriend (after 10 mon apart) and make it work? I love him. Everything about him. And we’re trying to do this the right way (not move too fast, etc) but I know ppl will say we r making a mistake – my sister already has. Can we mend this when ppl have this view?

– Peaches & Herb sounded good with “Reunited.” It can be good but figure out what went wrong in the first place.  How will it be different? Dave

I’m dating a guy who cheated on me. We’ve been in and off but he promised he is committed and won’t cheat again. Can you trust someone who cheated?

– Maya Angelou said, “When someone shows you who they are believe them.” Your boyfriend told you that he’s a cheater. You deserve a lot better.  Cathy

If your boyfriend does something you think he shouldn’t, and it doesn’t directly affect you but when you bring it up it causes an argument, what should you do? Give it up completely, find another way to mention it? (I.e. getting into work later than almost everyone else.)

– I’m guessing what he did bothers you for good reason. Don’t ignore your instinct. The fact it bothers you means it’s worth his consideration.  Dave

If a guy asks you out again at the end of a blind date what do you dd you don’t want to go not don’t want hurry his feelings?

– This has happened to me! Say,”You’re a nice guy but I didn’t feel like we had any romantic spark. I wish you the best.” Better than ghosting! Cathy

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