Who Was Your 1st Celeb Crush??

On Jyst  we hear a lot about the one who got away, but as the new book CRUSH: Writers Reflect on Love, Longing and the Lasting Power of Their First Celebrity Crush  reveals, it’s our first crush that has the power to rock our young hearts and linger through adulthood. And often those first crushes involve celebrities – a fill-in-the-blanks kind of love that says more about us than them. James Franco had his eyes opened to acting by River Pheonix.  For Slate’s Hanna Rosin, Mick Jagger was IT.  Emily Gould was overwhelmed with longing for Jared Leto (but when she saw him on the street years later, not so much.)  Writer Stephen King’s first crush?  Kim Novak.

This month Jyst and CRUSH partner to explore that #1stcelebcrush. The book, by memoirists Cathy Alter and Dave Singleton, has a slew of must-read authors ‘fessing up about their 1st celeb loves. Jyst asks its audience to share their #1stcelebcrush. Who will get the most mentions? Download the app and find out. 

And stay tuned for news about Cathy and Dave, who’ll be answering your Crush Questions live on Jyst.


Jyst and Crush.jpg

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