The Surprising Thing Women Still Fear

A growing number of online dating sites are attempting to give women more control over what has historically been a man’s game: Making the first move. The shift is apparant IRL as well – with women encouraging each other to ‘go for what you want.’  Nevertheless, when, how, and if to ask a guy out is the most common question on Jyst this week.

From texting to snapchatting to  friending, there are more ways than ever to make the first move. But changing deeply ingrained behavior and expectations can be fraught, according to Jyst users. The proliferation of ways to communicate had made it both easier to reach out (no face time!) and more confusing. Some posts:  “I really want to message him but I don’t know if that’s weird.”  “We’ve been hanging out for a while now. Is it okay for me to suggest plans?” “Can girls DM guys?”

The Jyst community always answers Yes, it’s equal time.  But the “Can I?” questions keep coming.

The Jyst: It is apparantly easier for many women to ask for a raise than to ask a guy out. Do you think this will ever change?


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