Mars and Venus Go Mobile

For time immemorial, women have complained that the men in their lives are not communicative enough. (You’ve heard the expression, “If men could talk, oh the things they would say!”) Gross generalization? Sure. Mostly true? If the hundreds of women who have written/asked/pleaded about this on Jyst are a barometer, Yes. Not to go all Mars/Venus on you, but it might just be that there are inherent differences in the amount and type of communication men and women need. And texting has only made the situation (much) worse.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 11.53.52 AM.png

There is a running theme on Jyst: Once a guy feels comfortable in a relationship, he doesn’t text as often or answer as quickly. In fairness to guys, there is a bit of mobile madness going on. ”He hasn’t answered my text in four hours!” “He takes a couples of hours to reply. Is he taking me for granted?” To which many Jysters replied, Slow down, sister. (Though we all commiserated.)

Of course, at times slow or no texts truly are a barometer of what’s going on. “Recently his texts have been getting shorter and some days he won’t respond at all. Am I being ignored on purpose?” Most on Jyst voted yes. But just as often, the only thing it indicates is that guys operate in a different communication time zone.

The Jyst: Guys, text a bit more! (Trust us, you will be rewarded!) Women, don’t get too hung up on counting the minutes before he replies. (Besides, that’s why you have friends – they text back!)

What do you think: Is texting helping us stay connected or giving us even more reasons to feel anxious?

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