To t-EX-t or Not to t-EX-t

The most popular questions on Jyst this week were about exes.  (Holiday-driven nostalgia? New Year’s loneliness? We think it’s a mix of both.)  “In a moment of weakness I texted my ex.”  “I’ve been thinking about my ex a lot. Could the new year be a fresh start for our relationship?”  “My ex keeps contacting me every few days. He claims he wants to get back together but he has kissed other girls.”The question inherent in each: What should I do? Did I miss out on something or should I move on?

There’s not a woman alive, at least not anyone we know, that hasn’t had that same moment of weakness, wondering about the What Ifs. But as one Jyst-er wrote, “There’s a reason you broke up.” Is there ever a second chance? Of course.  But more often than not, the t-EX-t is a shot in the dark and it can be hard to look ahead.  In fact, many of the questions on Jyst about ex-es are posted by women who are turning to each other to be told what they already know in their hearts.  The real lesson? Sometimes we just need to know we are not alone and hear an objective opinion. That’s where friends, online or off, come in.


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